Thursday, November 13, 2008

a long time between drinks

Hey thought i would just pop on and say sorry for the big gap between postings..gosh its hard to get a chance on the computer around here..Mary is always on the thing not to mention AJ is always on it too. Anyhow I have had a great week Mary has been home and kept me company..YAY.
I have been behaving of late. if I don't Mary gets VERY cross with me ANd pulls a thong out ready to hit me!! Can you beleive it. Little innocent me!!! So its much easier and I can tell her and big Al are much happier.


Phrog said...

Long time between drinks??!?!?!?! it`s a bloody drought!!! You sit at home all day barking at shadows out the window, why don`t you update your Blog?

Phrog said...

The drought continues. It`s been a month Molly, are you still alive?