Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok so its time. Lets just get it straight. Effie and I are great mates. Its just now she is a pensioner the games I want to play just are not appealing to her. I mean bowls is soooo boring. Trust me I have tried it but I much prefer a quick cricket game!!!
My ideal day consists of waking up with Amy then a quick cuddle with her...a walk with her is absolutely the best. Then in to Mary N Alan for a pat cuddle and game.
Up for some yummy breakfast,. Now Mary knows I only like the small but expensive food and when she giveds me that I munch it down chow time..but then she trys to be cheap and I HATE that food...Effie usually eats it.
ThenI sit on the big recliner chair checking out the neighbourhood. I need to keep an eye on things..
I then have to go outside when everyone leaves but on the weekends its more of an inside day and I get to spend heaps of time out the front on the grass. I really love that.
In the afternoons I love it when Mary comes home and takes me for a walk.. But I'm real scared of the dog around the corner. One day when I was doing a wee he ran over and scared me so much I had to wee about 6 more times on the way home..
After that its play time off and on again until bedtime. Alan is real good at games Mary not so good. IO love to snuggle up to Alan on the recliner at night. Yes I let him share with me!!!
I will tell you more about my day next time

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Phrog said...

Molly your blog is sooo boring, I check it every day, and nothing, no return on the loyalty of this blog reader